Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vows of Poverty

Do you have a hard time holding onto Abundance and money? Does it seem that as soon as you receive it immediately falls away, or something out of nowhere requires the exact amount you just obtained? We may be holding onto a Vow of Poverty. This Vow will effect our Root Chakra which is linked into our basic needs.

A Vow of Poverty stems from underlying beliefs in both Western and Eastern religions that "money is the root of all evil" and that "the material must be shed to enhance the spiritual". Vowing a "life of poverty" is an act of faith that God will support all his children's needs. If you believe that "money is bad" or that "spirituality and money do not mix" then it is likely you are still being faithful to a Vow of Poverty-this is the past life vow which most often causes present day problems. Yet the truth is refusing money is like turning your back on God's love for you. Money can be see and an energy exchange and that you can show your love by using money for the greatest good of everyone.


1. Take some deep refreshing breaths until you are totally comfortable and relaxed in whatever position you have chosen (if should take you no more that 3 minutes to get comfortable.)

2. Allow your inner guidance to show you how this chakra became blocked by a vow in the past. Be ready to accept that this block was there for a reason in the past and be open to the knowledge. The more you resist the past knowledge or are "in judgment" the harder it will be for you to "break" its hold over your life today. For it is your resistance now which gives the past life vow its power over you.

3. Once you understand why you entered into the vow in the past, ask to be shown how this vow has served you in your life today. The truth is it only had power over you now because it still serves you in some way. Maybe it keeps you safe. Or it is teaching you how to tap more into your creativity. Perhaps it is forcing you to look for alternatives that are "outside your comfort zone" or better than you could have imagined. Thank it for the lesson because you are ready to move on.

4. Envision a ball of white light (or whatever color represents healing to you) in front of the chakra to be healed. Visualize the energy of the vow moving out of the chakra and into this healing ball as you make a new vow. It is vital that you speak this new vow out loud for its the sound of your voice which gives this or any vow its power in the universe.

5. Say aloud the new vow to the universe with pride, enthusiasm, and passion:

"In the past, I made a Vow of Poverty. I have learned much from this Vow (it would give you  better closure to repeat what you learned from the vow here). Yet in the present and for the future, I realize that this old vow of poverty no longer serves me. I now release this old Vow from my energy field and my consciousness at all levels as well as all the limitations that it has created in my life now. I now embrace a new Vow of Abundance and incorporate it into my Beingness. I ask my guides to bring me new energies of this vow into my life. I embrace the needed learnings and the wondrous changes that this new vow will bring into my life. So be it, it is so"

6. Once this new vow is completed, release the healing ball containing the old vow into the Universal Life Stream. Fill your being with love as you watch the ball disappear into the life stream.

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  1. I love this! I have worked hard this last year to banish beliefs that keep me from my highest potential and have seen progress. Thanks for this!