Monday, February 6, 2017

Energetic Cord Clearing

Psychic cords are condensed, tubelike energy forms with which you bond or exchange energy with another person. There are both healthy and unhealthy uses of cords. Unhealthy cords can drain your energy, dump other people's pain, emotions, pictures or thought patterns into your body for you to process. It can also cause control issues and create an over dependency of you on other people, or of them on you, as well as keep you stuck in old patterns such as low self-worth or having to earn love through sacrifice.

Without strong energetic boundaries many people, especially empathic people-  may give a small piece of themselves away to those around them, out of anger, passion or sympathy. Lacking awareness of our boundaries, they may become more of a magnet for psychic vampires. Clearing away these unhealthy cords keep others for "siphoning off your gas tank".  It is important to understand that some people do not do this on purpose or consciously. And whenever there is a cord attached it is a conscious or subconscious choice between both individuals. So now lets make a conscious choice to let them go!

Removing low vibrational or unhealthy cords can be done through several methods, and it is important to use one that feels good to you. Removing a cord is done very gently in order to elicit minimal reaction in the other person and to eliminate chances or chakra damage. I find that it is important to always do this type of work when in a calm and centered mindset.

         Let yourself relax and open to this work. Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful meadow on a warm sunny day with just a gentle breeze playing around you to keep you cool and comfortable. Spend a little time exploring your meadow and then choose the spot where you want to do this work. Draw a circle around yourself as you stand in the meadow.  The circle should be at arm's length and go right around you. You can use paint, chalk, light or whatever comes to mind. This circle delineates your space.
         In front of you, close to but not touching, draw another circle the same size, and picture the person with whom you wish to cut the ties inside it. (If you have difficulty in seeing the person clearly or if you are fearful of them, you can picture a photograph being placed in the circle).
Explain to the person why you are doing this exercise, tell them that you are not cutting off any unconditional love there may be, but that you wish to be free from the old emotional conditioning and psychic or karmic bonds that built up in the past, and any expectations in the present.
Look to see how the ties symbolically manifest themselves.  Then spend time removing them, first from yourself, healing and sealing the places where they were with light; then removing them from the other person.  Make sure you get all the ties, especially the ones around the back which you may overlook.  Pile the ties up outside the circle. Wrap healing light around yourself and the other person.
        When you are sure you have cleared all the ties, and sealed all the places where they have been, let unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance (where possible) flow between you and the other person.
Then move that other person back to their own space, out of your inner space. Let them go where they belong in their own space. (Repeat the cutting with another person if you wish or do a blank cutting to see who appears in the circle in front of yours.)
        Then gather up all of the ties and find an appropriate way of destroying them. You may wish to have a large bonfire which you throw them, you may wish to put them into a flowing river, or ask that Archangel Michael take them away and transmute them into light. Make sure you have destroyed all of these ties.
      When you have completed all the cutting you wish to do bring your attention back into the room and allow yourself plenty of time to adjust, breathing more deeply and bringing yourself into full awareness. Check that your aura is intact. Ground yourself by hooking your grounding cord deep into the earth.

Often the ties we have with other people come about through “love” relationships. Sexual contact can leave us tied to even the most casual acquaintance. But other chakras can be affected by our contacts. Some people “hook into” a particular chakra which may link to an old problem. Sexual chakras are obvious, throat problems not so obvious; they relate to someone who stifled our ability to communicate, to speak our truth. The heart chakra links to someone who affected our ability to love openly and unconditionally. So it is worth checking our chakras to see if we have any unwanted ties still in place.

Picture yourself standing against a white background. If you feel the need, place yourself in a circle of light of protection. Now have the other person come to stand next to you. If you are unsure who may be connected, ask that whichever energy/person who is keeping you stuck to step forward. Using your inner eye, check the ties between each of the chakras in turn on you and the other person. Clear and heal both chakras with a whirlpool of light after you have removed any hooks or ties. Them move on to the next pair. When all the chakras are clear, let the other person go on their way with your unconditional love.

If you find a cord in the same spot over and over again, or if it pops back in as soon as you try to push it outside yourself or remove it, it may mean that you either have a belief about or a contract/vow with the person. You may need to do this visualization again. I will be doing another post soon about releasing contracts in the future.