Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Using Intention to Bless a Crystal

Lots of individual are drawn to the high vibrational medicine of Crystals. Crystals hold their own vibration which we can utilize for healing as well as to unlock different aspects of our self and our consciousness. They can also assist us when we want to set an intention.

Intention is focused commitment. We use it to declare our objective and to alert the Universe that we are serious about changing our pattern. We can lock our intentions into our crystals that can then be utilized by wearing, carrying or having them in our home or setting up a crystal grid. Your intention actually alters the molecular content and structure of your crystal. Afterward, every time you hold it, your intention is played back for you, like a recorded energetic message, to help you reach your goals.


1. Hold or think about the crystal you are going to use.
2. Clear your mind of everything you've been thinking about.
3. Center your heart.
4. Sense any feelings, thoughts, experiences, people, resentments, or obstacles that have been compromising your energetic boundaries, or holding you in an old programing. Concentrate especially on guilt, shame, anger, and blame.
5. Release these factors, allowing your own spirit or the Divine to flush them out of your system and your spiritual borders.
6. Now ask the Divine to completely cleanse you and this crystal of all intentions, decisions, or energies that might keep you stuck in an unhealthy pattern.
7. Reflect on the new intention you would like to set. Sense, feel, embrace, visualize, or otherwise fully experience this new intention.
8. Create a ball of light in your mind's eye and visualize this intention, along with the full sensation of it, being inserted into the crystal. Feel this new intention flow from your heart down through your arms and hands into the stone.
9. Acknowledge that this crystal now carries the energy of your intention and that holding, stroking, carrying, wearing, or thinking about the crystal will re energize your new intention.
10. Believe that the Divine will continue to reach you through this crystal, and in all other areas of your life, as you begin living your newly established commitment.