Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Archangel Metatron

Who is Archangel Metatron?

Metatron has been described as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. As Ruler of the ancient map of consciousness known as the Tree of Life, he ushers in the life-force from higher dimensions, stepping them down into the worlds of matter while also guiding us on our return journey to wholeness.

Metatron works with Sacred Geometry and esoteric healing work. Working with these Universal energies he particularly likes to assist Highly Sensitive People (HSP, INFJ, Empath, Indigos, Crystal, and Rainbow Children). Most commonly he utilizes the Merkaba cube for healing and clearing away lower energies. The cube spins clockwise to push away any unwanted energies. Today the association of Metatron and the Merkaba is now depicted as a compilation of the Platonic Solids, which represent the basis of all physical matter.

I have really enjoyed working with him the last few years to assist me in my development as well as keep me protected and safe. I have a large Metatrons Cube on the wall in my Reiki space, that is how much I feel its power and cleansing ability. A few years ago I was introduced to this prayer after I had come back from a camping trip where we had dealt with some lower energies that against all our attempts to clear off ourselves we were unable to. After feeling very drained, depleted and unlike myself for several days I was sent this. After just one use of this visualization my energy and mood immediately shifted. I give this to all of my Reiki students and I hope you find this helpful for you.

The Metatron Prayer of Protection and Abundance
As given to Michelle Whitedove by Metatron-

This is a prayer of Visualization and spoken word. Your words will evoke matter into being as you surround yourself with Gods Protective Light and Energy.
1) Step 1- Clockwise put up your first shield –a sphere of silver light, which is the Christ Consciousness.Visualize God protecting you. See yourself encased in a 3-Dimensional bubble of silver light that encircles your entire body. As you visualize – Say a personal prayer of thanks (example: May everything that I say and do come from unconditional love and the Christ Consciousness.)
2) Now put up your second shield – Imagine a Mirrored Sphere facing OUTward, to reflect back any negativity or darkness aimed at you. This mirror will bounce the negativity right back to the sender – instant Karma. Only Love and light will penetrate this shield. As you visualize – Say a personal prayer of thanks (example: I surround myself with a mirrored sphere facing outward to repel all negativity, I give thanks for the protection of Metatron. Only Love and Light may enter my force field.)
3) The third shield is a Golden bubble of light, of the Angel kingdom.Visualize yourself embraced by the angels. Bright Gold Dust is falling all around you. As you visualize – Say a personal prayer of thanks (example: I call my guardian Angels to me, I give thanks for their, love. protection and support. I am open to hear their messages. Though God, anything that I touch, have touched, or will touch turns to gold and brings abundance)
4) Then visualize a 3-D pyramid up around you, then a pyramid facing down around you, like a three dimensional Star of David, sacred geometry. When you’ve done this, you have created your own personal lightship called the Merkaba OR Lotus Flower.
5) Now seal yourself in one giant sphere of God’s white protective light encasing all.

6) For Lightworkers: After you have completed the entire prayer you can open up your crown chakra to Mother-Father-God for a clear connection to Heaven. But only after you have already sealed yourself inside all of the shields.
Note: Please take your time and follow the steps in precise order. It will take a few weeks to really memorize the steps. Give the prayer two weeks of daily use, and you will see a difference.

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