Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Energy Centers: Sacral Chakra

SACRAL CHAKRA: Svadhisthana
LOCATION: Slightly below the Navel
COLOR: Orange
PRIMARY FUNCTION: Well-being, Creativity, Sexuality and the Emotional Body

The Sacral Chakra embodies the totality of our physical health and emotional well-being. This also is the Partnership Chakra. Its location at the sexual organs reflects the instinctual need to develop a specific personality, but also to reach out to others. Our psyche seeks to express itself though the Sacral Chakra. The Root Chakra represents the ground of existence; the Sacral creativity. With the second chakra energy shifts from obeying tribal authority to discovering other relationships to satisfy personal, physical needs. It controls our emotions and assists with the development of subtle feelings, choices about which feelings to feel and which to repress. Our emotional body will be affected by the messages we receive regarding our right to have and express these feelings. The Emotional, or "Feeling" body is located in our Sacral Chakra. Pleasure is another quality of the Sacral Chakra. It concerns our ability to receive and allow more pleasure into our lives. 

The function of this chakra depends on how well we take care of ourselves and know our boundaries and limitations. Proper function ensures that we harness our life force so that we can be creative and spiritual. This chakra promotes regeneration by feeding vital energy into our systems. It stimulates hormonal flow. The illnesses that originate in this energy center are activated by the fear of losing control.

ASSOCIATED BODY PARTS: Sexual organs, bladder, uterus in women, prostate in men

PHYSICAL PROBLEMS: Dysfunction of the Sacral Chakra in women can create endometriosis, as well as sterility, chronic menstrual cramping, fibroids, and problems with ovaries and cervix. In men, it can create prostate problems, infertility, sexual dysfunction and sciatica.


The Sacral Chakra has a less aggressive emotional response than the Root Chakra. This is the seat of pleasure and well-being and when we are not experiencing these emotions, frustration builds. When feelings emerge, they are often about what we desire or what we lack. This can be for love, sex, money and joy. Learning to be grateful for what we have releases much of the frustration or sense of loss held in this chakra. 

Our thoughts and feelings about certain beliefs can cause a distortion in the energy center, causing it to become either overactive or under active. Mentally this center harbors attitudes about:

*Pleasure and Sexuality 
*Physical Body

Sexuality has more constraints around it than any other single issues besides money. How people feel about these subjects has a direct result on their personal energy. When we have harsh ideas about pleasure, we will suffer deprivation and eventually, disease. 

Unemotional, guarded, self-derivation, sexual repression, poor social skills, denial of pleasure, self-sabotage, lack of desire or passion.

Excessive sex drive, compulsive behaviors, tension, frustration, overly emotional, hypersensitive, emotional dependency.

Healthy creative expression, balanced hormones, ability to experience joy and pleasure, generous and giving, nurturing to self (self-care), healthy boundaries. 

Disorders of reproductive organs, fertility, urinary system, spleen, gallbladder, kidney, mental difficulties, sexual dysfunction, lack of flexibility, deadened senses.

Each chakra also is interconnected with Intuitive or "Psychic" Gifts. In relation to the Sacral Chakra we will experience Feeling Sympathy or the most commonly definition of an Empath. If the Chakra is balanced and in harmony we will be able to feel others' emotions and are able to clearly decipher them. If our Sacral Chakra is imbalanced the tendency is to absorb others' feelings and hold them in our own bodies. 


*WATER- because this chakra is associated with the water element getting outside and relaxing near open water can help open your second chakra. Lakes, rivers, streams or the ocean are all useful. If possible, wade in or dangle your feet in the water to help the energy flow. Taking a bath or a shower can also contribute to balancing your chakra while providing the relaxation needed to keep your emotions flowing.

*RELEASE TENSION-give yourself space to express your feelings. What is unexpressed becomes suppressed deep in the energetic body creating a vibrational frequency. This frequency will then attract a situation that resonates with that frequency or more commonly known as the "law of attraction" Until you can release the emotion or tension, you will continue to attract these situation. Often people do not understand why certain situations keep happening to them over and over again. It are these suppressed feelings that are the root cause of these lessons.

*CUTTING CORDS & SEVERING DRAINING EMOTIONAL TIES- Consciously separate your energy from others by visualizing any cords that connect you, and using your intention ask all energies that are not yours to move out of your space and into the Light. Ask all energies that are yours that you have left with others or in other places to return so that you own all your power now.

*HEALING SHAME-letting go of shame or guilt around pleasure due to strict teachings or traumatic experiences can be very beneficial in healing the Sacral Chakra. Repressed sexuality or fear of pleasure can lead to imbalances, either shutting down or becoming overactive. Shame is a feeling deep within us of being exposed and unworthy. Shame can also come from parents disciplinary actions. We can proactively repair (and re-pair) the old shame memory with new experiences of self-empathy and self-compassion.

*MEDITATIONS-close your eyes and imagine a large orange pyramid lodged in your lower abdomen. The apex is pointing upwards towards the heart and the base rest on your hip bones. The four walls of this pyramid represent the qualities of well-being, deservings, pleasure, and abundance. Expand the form and intensify the color as your create a healing space for your Sacral Chakra to rest in. Release any tension through your breath and see the chakra becoming strong and resilient. 

*REIKI OR SOUND THERAPY-energy therapy and vibrational therapy can assist with balancing and removing old energies that no longer support of serve your highest and best good.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Black pepper, Cinnamon, Cypress, Tangerine, Orange, Sandalwood, Clove
FOODS: Oranges, melons, coconuts and other Sweet fruitts. Cinnamon and Tumeric are also useful, as is drinking plenty of water.
CRYSTALS: Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Calcite, Tigers Eye, Onyx



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