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The herb most commonly used in Smudge Sticks is Sage, however there are different herbs and plants that can be utilized in a Smudge Stick that can add additional energies into the space.

SAGE: most common is California White Sage- the sprit of sage has the power to drive out negative energies, spirits, and influences. It transforms energy and brings change.

A great article about how Smudging can help to eliminate dangerous bacteria in the air HERE

SWEETGRASS: the powerful spirit of sweetgrass is used to attract positive energy, and to aid healing after all of the negativity has been banished by the sage.

LAVENDER: restores balance and creates a peaceful atmostphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and spirits.

CEDAR: deeply purifying, especially useful for clearning negative emotions and healing.

MUGWORT: stimulates psychic awareness and prophetic dreams. It also banishes evil sprits.

JUNIPER: used to purify and create a safe and sacred space.

YERBA SANTA: used to purify and to set and protect boundaries.

ROSEMARY: a powerful healer that brings clarity.


Native American Shamans do not always use smudge sticks. A common use is a loose smudge mixture that is placed in a bowl or shell and lit.  This is easy to make. All you need is your choice of dried herbs and resins, a bowl or shell that can withstand the heat of the burning charcoal, self-igniting charcoal, large feather.

A Basic smudge mix would include a tablespoon of crumbled sage, plus a teaspoon each of cedar bark and lavender. Mix the herbs together.  Place the charcoal in your container and light it. Wait until the charcoal stops sparking and has turned white-grey. Add a few pinches of your smudge mixture. Use your smudge bowl in the same way you would use your smudge stick-hold up the bowl and use the feather to direct the smoke. Add more smudge from time to time is necessary. Please make sure to use caution as well as keep out of reach of children and pets.


Powerful Cleansing Mix: (for clearing a new home) sage, sweetgrass, juniper

Emotional Cleansing Mix: (after arguments) sage, cedar, lavender, borage (optional)

Mental Clearning Mix: (when you need clarity) rosemary, juniper, sweetgrass

Healing Mix: (for sickness of both mind and body) sage, cedar, lavender, echinacea (optional)

Spiritual Mix: (for calling on spirit, intuition, and divination) sage, mugwort, copal or frankincense (resins), lavender

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